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Free Fax To Email
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Free fax to email | Free Fax2Email

Free fax to email | Free Fax2Email service in South Africa

Free fax to email ✔ Free Fax2email South Africa ✔ #HOT #FreeFaxToEmail
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Manual Fax to email number generator.

Temporary technical issue: The automatic fax number generator is offline. Please complete the form below to receive a fax number by email. Note: Please check your spam or promotion folders as our email may have been sent there.

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Free Fax To Email

Free fax to email

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  • Get a free 086 fax to email number
  • The service is free for the recipient
  • Works with all email accounts including:
  • Receive faxes as attachments in your email
  • Your fax number moves with you
  • Receive your South African faxes anywhere in the world*
  • Eco-friendly - No paper is required to receive faxes*
  • Our Free Fax2email service saves you time and money*
  • No more missing paper faxes
  • We are South Africa's fastest growing fax2email agent!*
5 stars Free Fax To Email Rated 5/5 by 1267 users.

How does free fax to email work?
  • The sender faxes his/her document to your free 086 fax to email number
  • The Fax2Email service converts the fax into a TIFF or PDF document
  • You receive the fax in your email as an attachment
  • You may now save, print or forward the fax, just like any other normal email

Free fax to email

Benefits of using our Free Fax2Email service

The 086 fax number is free, and there are no costs for you, the fax recipient. You receive faxes in your email, and the it works with all email accounts including this list:

Receiving your free fax to email number is quick and easy.

Complete the online form and your 086 fax number is issued as soon as you click the submit button.

Anywhere in the world

Receive your South African faxes as an attachment by email. You are able to view your faxes at any time, in any city, anywhere in the world.

Works with all emails - on all email devices

Your faxes are received as pdf files in your email. This means that Free Fax To Email will work on all computers, tablet computers and smart phones that support emails, email attachments and Adobe pdf files.

Money saving

Since your faxes are received as an email attahement, you no longer need a fax machine. This saves you time and money.

eco Friendly

The service is eco-friendly. You no longer need a fax machine to receive faxes. No paper is required. Faxes are saved on your PC, hard drive, flash drive and other storage devices. You can save and forward your faxes directly from your computer or mobile device.

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