Create a free fax number in South Africa

Create a free fax number South Africa

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  • You may create a free fax number in South Africa
  • You will be able to send faxes from your PC by using our pre-paid service
  • You will be able to receive faxes by email, free of charge
  • To start sending and receiving faxes, simply sign up by completing an easy to complete online form.
  • A number is issued to you, and you may start using that number right away!

Can I use this service in another country?

Yes, you are able to receive faxes in any country because the fax is sent as an email.

Unfortunately, you cannot register a number in another country.
The free fax service number (0866 and 0865) is only available in South Africa.

Can someone fax me from another country?

Yes, the fax service does accept faxes from other countries, however, the free fax service might not be accessible from all countries because of call blocks places on phone services in that country.

The sender needs to call their telecom company to allow faxing to South Africa on 27866 and 27865 numbers.

A list of dialing codes and more information about calling from different countries may be found on this page.

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    1. Please apply online at the “Become an agent” link. More info will be email once approved.

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