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Easy fax: Quick and easy fax service

Sign up here Set up a free fax to email number that is quick to create, and easy to use. The service works works with all popular websites and email clients and offers easy fax services, both incoming and outgoing fax. The outgoing fax service (sending faxes from your email) is a pre-paid “pay-as-you-use” service that is cheaper than Telkom and far more convenient than using a fax machine. The incoming service (receiving faxes by email) is 100% free for the recipient. South African faxes can be received at any time, in any country, in the complete privacy of a room or office. Complete the faxmail signup form on this page with the following information and your fax number is ready to use as soon as your submit the form:

  1. Full name
  2. Phone number (Cell numbers accepted)
  3. Email address

Once this is done, you will receive notification on your screen, and you will receive an email confirming your fax number. If you fail to receive the email, please check your spam box or your “offers” tab and white-list the email address by adding the email address to your contact / address list.

Easy fax

You may now give the fax number out and enjoy the benefit of receiving free fax right in your mailbox. We also offer an outgoing service where you can send faxes from your emails. Charges do apply, but it is fantastic value for money since the rates are very reasonable. It is an eco-friendly service and you save electricity, paper, ink and you save on fax machine maintenance. You may apply for the email to fax / PC to fax service – this allows you to send faxes at cheap rates. Simply tick the box when signing up here.

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