Ethereum and Bitcoin hacked while Fax To Email lose nothing

Ethereum and Bitcoin exchange, Bithumb, and the world’s fourth largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, confirmed a security incident during which an unknown hacker was able to make off with an yet undetermined amount of funds on the 3rd of July 2017.

The company revealed that the breach occurred after an unknown attacker hacked the personal computer of a Bithumb employee, from where he stole the details of over 31,800 Bithumb users — about 3% of the platform’s entire userbase.

This is bad news and it is happening more frequently with Phishing scams targeting Ethereum and Bitcoin users as well.

Unlike crypto currencies and the possibility of it being stolen by hackers (or better known as online thieving terrorists), Fax to Email agents always get their money!

Let’s compare and weigh the pros and cons of being a Free Fax To Email agent

  • Free Fax To Email agents have no upfront costs
  • Free Fax To Email is recurring income – forever
  • Free Fax To Email requires no technical knowledge
  • Free fax agents get paid in real money into their bank accounts – save it or spend it
  • Free fax to email agent accounts cannot be “hacked” and money stolen – because their are no accounts to hack
  • Free fax To Email is predictable and stable

Let’s compare and weigh the pros and cons of being a crypto currency miner or investor

  • Crypto currencies require you to purchase hardware or to purchase the actual currency
  • Crypto currency is speculative and can go up or down, and will eventually top out
  • Crypto currencies requires some level of knowledge on the technology
  • Crypto currencies needs to be exchanged for goods or services
  • Crypto currencies can be hacked and stolen
  • Crypto currencies are unpredictable and unstable

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