Fax from pc

How to send faxes

Sending faxes from email from a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone
Please DOWNLOAD the files that applies to you in order to activate your OUTGOING fax service. To download the correct files, please follow these instructions carefully.

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PLEASE NOTE: Once you have received your email confirmation of your fax number, please check who your fax to email service provider is. The email will be branded with the correct service provider’s name, and it will either be “Siyathuthuka Networks” or it will be another service provider.
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*If you signed up on this site today, your email will likely originate from infax.co.za, which is  Siyathuthuka Networks

About this fax service

About this fax service  Receiving faxes is a free service, sending faxes is not a free service – it is a cheap service.

  1. Your 086 number is free.
  2. Receiving faxes is free for the recipient.
  3. Sending faxes is a pre-paid service, send faxes at very good rates.
  4. Sending from our server is great value – it is cheaper than using a land line!
  5. We can link your free 086 number to a Fax from Email service.
  6. The outgoing service, or PC to fax service, is a pre-paid service.
  7. You send faxes by attaching documents to an email.
  8. You can send a pdf or Microsoft® Office Word document to any fax machine in the world.
  9. As you use emails to send faxes, the service works with Apple Mac, Windows PC, Linux computers, Smart phones, Tablets computers

Sending faxes

Sending faxes Send faxes to anyone, anywhere in the world – simply attach and send!

  1. Attach a Microsoft word or pdf documents to an email and sent it to our email address.
  2. The document will be processed as a fax, and sent to any number in the world!

Cost of sending faxes

Cost of sending faxes Sending faxes are charged per minute, whether it is sent from a fax machine or through our cheaper and faster servers. The benefit of using the email to fax servers is that you receive a substantial reduction in the cost of sending faxes. The servers uses LCR (least cost routing) to save you money!

  1. The cost to send a fax is charged per minute
  2. The rates start are very good
  3. This costs less than any land land or mobile phone