Fax to Email

Fax To Email

The Fax To Email service started over a decade ago.

It was meant to be used by companies for their own personal use, with in-house software development on their own servers.

The fax to email entrepreneurs saw a gap in the market with end users. Since not everyone had the luxury of paying hundreds, or even thousands of Rands, for a fax machine and paper, or to pay Telkom monthly Rental fees for a fax line, it was a great opportunity to offer everyone access to a fax service with very little cost.

Everyone now had access to their personal virtual fax machine :

  • Schools and universities: Students, teachers, educators
  • Hospitals and clinics : doctors, nurses, specialists, vets, dentists, etc
  • Employment agencies: Job seekers
  • Financial sector: banks, financial institutions
  • Legal: lawyers, judges
  • Political: political parties, government
  • Security
  • Home
  • Anyone & everyone!

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Fax To Email is now available online, all you need is access to email – on your PC, Laptop, Phone or Tablet!

fax to email

  • You can receive faxes by email for free!
  • You can send faxes by simply attaching your document to an email, and send it to the fax number, all online! Sending faxes online is cheap.

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