Free Fax to Email for military

Free fax to email for the military

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As a word of warning, free fax to email is sent as an email, and emails are not encrypted.

The server can also malfunction and delivery is not guaranteed.

As a rule of thumb for military use: If your job allows standard emails, then fax to email will work for you

Free fax to email may be used in the following military environments where encryption is not required:

  • Navy
  • Air force
  • Military
  • Police
  • Army
  • Metro Police

Areas where Fax to Email is not recommended in the military:

  • Areas of national or international security
  • Encryption requirements
  • 100% Guaranteed delivery of faxes

Military alphabet Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo

A Alfa AL fah
B Bravo BRAH voh
C Charlie CHAR lee
D Delta DEL tah
E Echo EKK oh
F Foxtrot FOKS trot
G Golf Golf
H Hotel HO tell
I India IN dee ah
J Juliett JEW lee ett
K Kilo KEY loh
L Lima LEE mah
M Mike Mike
N November NOH vem ber
O Oscar OSS car
P Papa PAH pah
Q Quebec keh BECK
R Romeo ROW me oh
S Sierra see AIR ah
T Tango TANG go
U Uniform YOU nee form
V Victor VIK ter
W Whiskey WISS key
X X-ray EKS ray
Y Yankee YANG kee

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