Free Fax To Email for students and teachers

Fax Mail Free fax to email for students and educators (teachers) Sign up here

We understand that students (and educators) need money.

There is nothing worse than not having money in your pocket.

Receiving faxes is not something that we need very often, however, it is free to sign up and use!

A student does not have the money to spend on faxes, so why spend money at all when an email is free?

Free fax to email is available for:

  1. Schools
  2. Colleges
  3. Universities
  4. Any learning centre throughout South Africa

Educator and learner fax

There are a number of benefits to the educator (teacher / professor / doctor /…).

As an educator, you are now able to receive student faxes directly by email.

You will also be able to send faxes by email conveniently and cheaply.

The benefits to the learner / student are numerous.

A learner is able to receive faxes from anyone by email.

They can also send assignments to anyone at any time via fax, simply by emailing it to the fax service.  

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