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Free Faxes have been possible since Free Fax To Email numbers became available.

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Telkom started offering free fax to email numbers to companies, but these companies had to pay thousands of Rands to build the infrastructure which included very expensive servers and software development.

Fax numbers were limited to a few companies who could afford to install these servers, and who saw the benefits of these fax numbers for their own use. Several ISPs also saw some potential in fax services and offered it to their clients.

Initially, some Fax service providers provided a fax number to end users (companies or individuals) for a once-off service activation fee, which would cost thousands of Rands. Others offered fax services for an affordable monthly fee.

The fax to email revolutions started as a “paid-for” fax to email service.

In this way, the fax service providers recovered their development and hardware costs very quickly, and the end users didn’t have any ongoing costs for faxes, and so it was a win-win arrangement.

As competition grew, a few entrepreneurs saw that free fax services could be their path to endless riches, after all, Telkom offered a cut from every fax that was received, and if they could get volume, they didn’t need to charge fees. They started offering these fax services for free.

The fax to email explosion started, and our mail boxes were filled with offers from many service providers giving numbers away. Everyone had a free fax number, even if they didn’t need one.

And this ladies and gentlemen, is how free fax to email started and has remained until today.

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    1. Some agents are earning anywhere from R100pm for small volumes, and over R10,000 pm on large volume and numbers. By using Google adwords, some users are adding over 400 numbers a month. On average, 400 numbers generates up to R2000 a month.

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