Privacy statement

Privacy policy

We respect your privacy and no information is shared with parties outside the fax to email network (referred to as “third parties”).

Who has access to my information?

Your information is shared with the following parties:

  • Our company
    We do not have access to fax pages, and cannot view or read faxes that are sent to you.
    We do have access to front-end information that is required to provide you with the service. We can view your name, email address, telephone number, general statistics and basic logs.
  • The fax to email service provider
    The supplier who owns and maintains the servers, and who provides the back-end services for the fax service, do have access to your information.
  • Telkom
    The supplier who provides the fax numbers and telephone lines (fax numbers) do not have access to your personal details. They might be given the information by the Service provider  if they have valid reasons to access the information.

Do you share information with third parties?

  • No, we do not share your personal information with anyone outside the fax to email network (third parties)
  • We do not disclose your name, email or phone number to third parties.
  • Our supplier has a strict privacy policy and your information is strictly confidential.
  • Should you no longer use your fax number, you will be sent reminder emails to inform you that your number is not being used, and that it will be discontinued. Your fax number will be re-allocated to someone else if the number remains unused for a long period of time.

Do you charge for faxes?

  • We do not charge the recipient to receive faxes.
  • We do not charge for the fax number.
  • We do not charge subscription or monthly fees.
  • We benefit from a profit-sharing arrangement is with our suppliers, who profit-share with Telkom.
  • Telkom charges the sender a standard Fax2Email rate that has been approved by the respective telecommunication organizations and/or government organisations.
  • Our service provider do charge for their outgoing service (Email to Fax) on a pay-as-you-use basis.


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